Know your “why” before you get started as it will be the driving force to your success.

Through the years, I have witnessed entrepreneurs come and go.

Many were left behind due to their reasons for starting in the first place (need to make rent quickly, boss made them angry so they quit, working from home just seemed easier, etc).

They failed to realize that a successful business takes time, effort, commitment, patience, and drive.

This is fueled by knowing your “why”, your reason to keep searching for the light at the end of the tunnel when every part of your body tells you to turn back, that it isn’t worth it.

Your “why” is what helps you navigate rejections, pivot to new ideas, work 80+ hours for the satisfaction of not working for someone else, and most of all – it helps you ignore the nay-sayers who believe you are wasting your time.

By holding onto your “why”, success is inevitable.

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Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 

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