For Your Information

Policy Updates as of May 13, 2017

  1. Plan Switching – Effective June 1st – If you switch from a “Retainer” package to a “Pay As You Go” package or vice versa, you will give up your old plan to accommodate Kopf Consulting’s waitlist and/or its ability to acquire new clients. What does that mean?

    • Moving from Pay As You Go to Retainer – Once you sign a retainer contract and payment is received, your UpWork Contract will be canceled. If you wish to switch back (and if there is space available), you can request to reactivate your UpWork contract at the currently displayed rate in UpWork. If space is not available, you can either choose to keep your current contract, downgrade your retainer package (again – if space is available), or discontinue service. If nothing is available and you wish to remain with Kopf Consulting but downgrade when a spot becomes available, please add your name to the waitlist. Once your name is reached, you will be notified of what options are available.

    • Moving from Retainer to Pay As You Go – If you desire to downgrade to a Pay As You Go plan (and space is available), you must submit your termination request in accordance with your particular plan. Once your termination request is received and your final payment is processed, you will receive instructions to set up your Pay As You Go plan. The timer on your plan will not run until you have utilized all remaining hours or you have reached your termination date (whichever comes first).

  2. Performing work on your behalf – A reminder and as of June 1st will now result in immediate termination: Kopf Consulting only services clients, directly, by supporting the backend and development of their businesses. I do not execute paid services on my client’s behalf. For many of you, this is not an issue since you only sell your products and/or coaching services, and I may act as tech support or a business manager to help with password resets, access, or product questions (“When does the webinar start?”, “I never received my e-book!”), contract setups, or payments and/or refunds. This policy strictly refers to those who service other businesses and wish for us to service their customers on their behalf. If I discover I have been servicing your clients on your behalf, your contract will be closed. I do offer a very limited subcontractor option at a different rate and accept requests on a case-by-case/availability basis

    • Here is the policy, and it will be strictly enforced: Kopf Consulting only subcontracts to companies where I will execute on their behalf. In other words, if someone is paying you/your company to offer a service and I are fulfilling that service on your behalf – I will service you as a contractor, not as a client and the rates are different. For more information on subcontracting, please visit:

  3. Web Design or Re-Design projects – Effective immediately, Kopf Consulting will no longer be accepting any type of Web Design or Re-Design projects. I have found an amazing web developer and will happily act as a Project Manager in outsourcing these tasks. To be clear, the web developer does not work with Kopf Consulting. He is a freelancer, and I have used him several times for my clients. I will begin redirecting all web design requests to him (with your permission of course) but will no longer be completing these tasks in-house. If I now have a web project with you, and you are a retainer client, I will use your remaining hours to complete the project, but will not continue once the new cycle begins. If you are a Pay As You Go client, I will remove myself now and connect you with the web developer. I will continue to provide technical support and will happily create your test site, backup your current site, set up your host, set up and register your domain, redirect your nameservers, and/or migrate your test site to your current domain once the design aspect is completed (you know…all the fun tech stuff!). Again, this is only referring to actually design – not adding a page/post to your current WordPress design/theme, or updating wording on a page/post, or any back-end maintenance. If you are not sure where your task may fall, just ask.

  4. Meetings – Please feel free to schedule any meetings you may need by visiting my calendar at This eliminates that fun game of schedule tag, and it also syncs to my personal calendar.
  5.  For Pay As You Go Clients only – As explained during your intake, I do not expect to receive work from you continually (as that is the nature of this particular package); however, UpWork will pause your contract after 30 days of inactivity. Once paused, you will receive one check-in email to request a status update. If you do not respond within one week from the date of my email, I will cancel your contract in order to free space for waitlist or potential new clients. If you do respond within the allotted time, restart your contract, and the contract is paused, again, after another 30 days of inactivity, I will cancel your contract without warning.
  6. Referral Incentive Program – The referral incentive program is suspended, temporarily, and will restart once spots become available.