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Solopreneuer, Entrepreneur, New Business Owner, whichever title resonates with you – the end goal is the same, you have more to do than you imagined and you have no idea where to start!

Do you start with creating graphics for social media? Sounds good BUT after spending the hours creating, do you have time to schedule it all?

Or is creating and posting easy but engaging to drive up impressions and reach exhausting?

What about that new launch? Between the promo graphics, the landing page, the sales copy for the funnels – when are you going to have the time to knock it all out?

I am not even going to ask the last time you updated your website design, posted a blog, or even did an audit of links, opt-ins, or updated the copy for your services to keep them fresh and new.

Here’s the thing, there is a lot to do BUT you don’t have to do it all (or any of it for that matter!)

Freelancer Hiring Services | Kopf Consulting
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I’m a small business owner too and I get it! I see you and I completely understand being pulled in multiple directions.

I am also an avid participate in Facebook groups and see job postings with 200+ applicants and people pleading for those applying to stop sending DMs!

Oh but it doesn’t stop there…

Now they know who you are and that you are hiring so get ready for an increase of email inquiries, contact forms inquiring if you are still hiring, and don’t even get me started if they are able to find a phone number.

Not trying to scare you but the reality of the situation can be a little unnerving.

Our recruiting services put in a much needed buffer (with a nice layer of confidentiality) so only qualified and screen applicants who you have approved know who you are and any information pertaining to your business.

We offer two types of recruiting services: Freelancer Hiring Services (or Freelancer Recruiting Services) and VA Matching Services where we help you find the right Virtual Assistant for your business, we also offer an expanded Freelancer Hiring Services AND have the option to utilize us as the Project Liaison.

The primary differences between our VA Matching Service and our Freelancer Hiring Service are:

  1. We limit the Freelancer Hiring Service to UpWork. We do this to ensure protection of your investment. UpWork has an escrow program and funds are NOT released until you are happy with the services. We also have the ability to see reviews for the freelancers, overall job success ratings, and samples of their work to help us make the best selection for your needs.
  2. It isn’t limited to JUST Virtual Assistants! Our Freelancer Hiring Services allows us to find you that “perfect” front-end developer, graphic designer, copywriter, programmer, bookkeeper, QA specialist, Data Scrubber, the list goes on!
  3. You have the option of utilizing our Project Liaison services. This allows us not only to find the ideal freelancer for you, but also to share communications, updates, requests, and all you see is the product to review and when ready, the end result.

Where would you rather invest, in a few clicks that allows you to get the help you need while minimizing the time it takes or your time – i.e. the monetary sacrifice, as you hammer through that never ending to do list?

Let us find you the help you need AND DESERVE!

For $99 we will:

  • Submit Your Job Posting Via UpWork using either our Highly Ranked Client Account or your account.
  • Provide the Copy and Create the Perfect Questions for Your Ad to Attract Highly Desired Candidates
  • Review submissions
  • Get it down to 5 for you to review and select five to proceed to email based follow-up on additional questions you may have (or examples you may desire)
  • If applicable, request a sample for your review
  • Purchased Project Liaison services? We will provide additional guidance for our transition to a Project Manager Role and what that entails.
  • For all others, complete the hiring process through your UpWork account and introduce you to your new hire.
  • And all within at least 7 business days (strongly dependent on the criteria and turn-around from you).

So what are you waiting for? We have been a freelancer AND a client on UpWork for over 5 years (we transitioned with them from Elance!) Don’t want another moment putting that task off, delaying that launch, or debating the site redesign.

We’re ready to start your freelancer hiring services today!

Still Not Sure?

We have been recruiting freelancers for years and know how important it is to protect your investment AND your business. Book a free consultation and learn how we can help you!


Recruiting Services with Kopf Consulting

Q: What happens when I am ready to get started?

A: To expedite the process, once the contract is completed, you will receive a form that lets us know what role needs to be filled, any questions you prefer we ask (outside of ones we will create based on your desired hire), and your ideal budget (are you looking for an hourly hire or looking to pay a flat rate), as well as a few other questions that help us narrow down our recommendations.

Meetings are not included with this service. If you feel the need to meet, we invite you to schedule a Consultation call.

Q. What is included in the Project Liaison/Project Management Role?

A: We offer an add-on service of Project Management. What this entails is we become the middle man between you and the freelancer (so you are not constantly having to stop what you are doing to answer remedial questions, provide common sense feedback, or review obvious issues – cutting down your frustration). All communications stay in UpWork so you are welcome to join the room (but that defeats the purpose of the add-on service). We do not implement any services, utilize any real time services, have meetings, or conduct any work outside of being the messenger/middle man/liaison between you and the freelancer.

Project Management/Liaison Services are only good for 30 days from the start of the contract (not the start of services). You have the option to extend Liaison/Project Management Services for an additional fee.

The benefit of this service is that you are only involved when a client ready project is ready for review (which will align with your specifications).

Q: What if I don’t have an UpWork Account?

A: For those who purchase the add-on, if you have a flat rate project, you have options! We can either invoice you for the total cost of project (prior to hiring the freelancer) or we can create an UpWork account for you and proceed with the hiring.

If you do not have an UpWork Account, we still create one for you and proceed with the hiring process.

Q: How does payment for the Freelancer work?

A: Our fee is only for our Freelancer Hiring Service (or Freelancer Hiring Service and Project Liaison service). The fee/rate of the freelancer remains your liability.

Have any other questions? Book a 15 minute consultation and we are more than happy to provide general information about the process and answer any questions (without going into specifics that would only privilege to paid clients) you may have.

Q: What is the point of recruiting services when I can do this myself?

A: While many entrepreneurs prefer to do their own recruiting versus utilizing a recruiting services, they quickly learn the downside of being front and center to prospects. Not only do potential candidates know who you are and about your business, they actively know how to reach you (in some cases becoming a nuisance). We also see self driven recruiting attempts create an over abundance of unqualified candidates because the job postings are not descriptive or too vague to filter out individuals. By utilizing our hiring technique for recruiting, we construct an wall of confidentiality and anonymity – allowing you do see who qualifies (but they cannot see you).

Q: Your hiring services sounds promising but what if I don’t like the candidate?

A: That’s the best part, we don’t just give you one candidate – we provide our top pick PLUS two additional “runner-up” candidates if the first one does not work out (which is hardly ever the case as we have a rigorous screening process). We also make sure we are providing feedback every step of the way to ensure our selection is the best selection for you. We have had clients request voice recordings so they knew what the candidates would sound like over the phone when they answered calls (we provided the script for them to read).

Have more questions? Schedule a pressure-free consultation today or contact us!

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