As Kopf Consulting is always growing and expanding, we have decided to introduce two new plans:

PrePaid No-Contract Elite (PPNC Elite) and PrePaid No-Contract Standard (PPNC Standard)

How do these plans work?

Unlike the Pay As You Go Plan and the Retainer Client Plans, the Prepaid No-Contract allows clients to purchase hours quarterly BUT your account stays active for a year.

Let me explain: If Jane S. decides to become a Prepaid No-Contract client on January 1, 2019, her position will be held until December 31, 2019. She will not receive email warnings if there isn’t activity or alerts if her account doesn’t have any hours. After one year and strictly for security purposes, if there has been zero activity on the account for 90 days prior and no hours currently available, the account will be deactivated and a notice will be sent.  This will help her safeguard against who still has access to her accounts and prevent Kopf Consulting from being a liability if something goes awry.

How are hours purchased?

For Elite: Hours are purchased in any increment or bulk. This allows you to purchase the amount of hours you believe you may need for a project. Not sure how many hours you need or how long a project may take, look at our estimation chart here to get an idea (again, this is just an estimation – different circumstances/programs/expectations will greatly increase/decrease the amount of time indicated).
All hours are good for 90 days from the time of purchase.

For Standard: Hours are purchased in increments of 5, 10, 15, and 20. All hours are good for 90 days from the time of purchase. Again, to get an idea of how many hours you may need, check out this estimation chart.

Why is this plan available?

Often times we hit a wall with our Retainer and PAYG clients and have to activate our waitlist. By activating a waitlist instead of taking on an endless stream of clients, we are able to provide the same turn-around and availability without jeopardizing quality. This (PPNC) option allows us to continue to serve our clients in the capacity of a VTA (Virtual Tech Assistant) but not feel overloaded.

What’s the difference?

There are several important differences to acknowledge within these two PPNC plans.

  1.  Turn-Around Time*

    For Elite:The turn around time for all work is 3 days (72 hours). Emergency and Urgent request are acknowledged but only under truly dire circumstances which will be determined by Kopf Consulting (in other words – sporadic ideas or delays due to procrastination/forgetfulness do not constitute emergencies/urgent cases. Website crashes, Malware/Brute Force Attack, or certain situation the completely halts your business fall into this realm).

    For Standard: The turn around time for all work is a minimum of 7 days. Emergency, Urgent, ASAP request will not be acknowledged. It is extremely important with this option to plan accordingly.

  2.  Amount of Work Allotted

    For Elite: All clients under this plan are limited to up to 5 hours a week unless time permits more.  This means if you purchase 5 hours on March 19th, then 10 hours on March 30th, then another 5 hours on April 12th, you are still limited to 5 hours a week and the hours will expire in 90 day increments from the time purchased.

    For Standard: All clients under this plan are limited to up to 3 hours a week unless time permits more and NO Elite tasks are in queue.  This means if you purchase 5 hours on March 19th, then 10 hours on March 30th, then another 5 hours on April 12th, you are still limited to 3 hours a week and the hours will expire in 90 day increments from the time purchased.

  3. Meetings**

    For Elite: One complimentary meeting a month is permitted. The intention of this plan is to be entirely self-maintained and completely tasked based. If more than one meeting is needed, you can purchase additional meetings times here.
    For Standard: Meetings are not a part of this plan. Again, the plan is entirely self-maintained and completely tasked based. If a meeting is needed, we welcome you to purchase a consultation session here.

  4.  All work is submitted via a support app instead of email and is completed in a first come, first serve fashion. Elite clients do take priority. This means in the hierarchy of things it goes: Retainer Client Work, Pay as You Go Client Work, PrePaid No Contract Elite, then Prepaid No Contract Standard work.  Any work sent via email will have a support ticket created on its behalf; however, it will not be inputted until it is seen so it may be significantly delayed. It would be highly recommend to use the support system provided.

  5.  Rates

    For Elite: Due to the quicker/faster turn-around time, the availability of emergency request, and the increase of hours allotted each week, the rates are based on hourly increments and packages. See pricing information below.

    For Standard: Due to the turn-around time being longer, the unavailability of urgent request, and the reduced number of hours allotted each week, the package rates for this plan are significantly reduced.

  6.  This plan is self-maintained. You will have a client portal in order to determine how many hours have been used and how many hours are remaining.

  7. Benefits

    For Elite: We offer 15% discount on all consultation services. Due to the quicker turn-around time, weekly routine tasks are permitted. Ticketing request receive priority and are bumped to the front (over Standard tickets). One meeting a month is included with the plan, and emergency/urgent* tasks are permitted.

    For Standard: In exchange for the heavily discounted rate (50% off standard hourly rate), no discounts or benefits are available.

So why should I do this?

Kopf Consulting has been around for over 10 years. During this time, we have had many clients come and go for several reasons: 1) business wasn’t doing as well as they hoped and they needed to cut overhead, 2) there just wasn’t enough work to meet the activity requirement, or 3) their business has up/down, busy/quiet seasons (a norm for our health coach clients and fitness clients), and it would be months before they needed us again.  This resolution allows you to stay with the Kopf Consulting family without having to worry about budgeting, finding the work, or looking for help when you finally need it!


What are the prices of the plans?

For Elite:
 Time can be purchased in hourly increments or in packages. All time purchased is good for 90 days from the date of purchase.

For Standard: All hours are a flat rate fee only and good for 90 days from the date of purchase.

When do my hours expire again, after a three months or a year? I am confused.

Hours purchased are only good for 90 days; however, you stay an active client with Kopf Consulting for a full year (think of it like an annual FREE subscription). Once your hours are used/expired, you can purchase more. You will not receive any warnings, request for tasks, or any communications other than a notice towards the end of your year IF we have not heard from you and this is only for security purposes.

Can I go from a PrePaid No-Contract to a Pay As You Go Client or Retainer Client?

If there is space available, you can transition from a PrePaid No-Contract to a Pay As You Go Client after an initial compatibility interview (priority goes to Elite members). If the workload increases while you are a Pay As You Go client again, we can discuss a Retainer client position (again, if a position is available as those slots are extremely limited).

I have several launches throughout the year where I may need your help but it could be last minute, how would that work?

For Elite: While turn-around time is faster for Elite, it is still behind Retainer and PAYG clients. For this reason, we discourage last minute (turn-around is less than 3 days) but can help with launches where the appropriate amount of time is allotted/available (no less than 3 business days and less than 5 hours of work).

For Standard: All tasks, projects, or assignments would need to be planned accordingly.  This plan allows for the ultimate flexibility and services at a reduced rate; however, with those amenities, availability is limited. If you know you have a launch coming up, allow at least 2 or more weeks for work to be completed, this way you can ensure everything is received in a timely manner and updates/troubleshooting/corrections can be made before things go live.

Can I send you routine task or customer service emails?

For Elite: We do permit weekly routine tasks. As a ticket system is used, we would not be available to manage/maintain customer service emails. All tasks would need to be placed in the ticketing system. If you wanted to create a task based on a customer service email, with the knowledge that it will be at least 3 days before a response is provided to you (not the customer), you are welcome to do so.

For Standard: As the turnaround time is a minimum of 7 days, it may not be beneficial to assign tasks that need a quick response.  Again, it is possible that work will be completed faster; however, it is strongly recommended that completion of tasks assigned is not expected before 7 days.

***Please note – ALL tasks are subject to review and will either be accepted or declined. No task is guaranteed to be completed – especially if it is not listed on the initial acceptance form.

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