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Congratulations!!! You survived the holidays!

Black Friday sales, holiday deals, every attempt to get in those last minute leads of 2019.

Now what?

It’s a new year! What do they say: “New Year, New You” – that goes for your business too.

Excuses…Excuses…More Excuses

For the last two to three months, you may have been making excuses why certain projects weren’t moving forward, certain tasks just couldn’t get done, and justifying why your to do list hasn’t been touched.

“I just need to get through the holidays.”

“Once 2020 starts, I will get to it.”

“My New Year’s Resolution will be to tackle what I didn’t get done in 2019.”

Well…it’s 2020.

Again I ask – now what?

What are your excuses for not getting things done?

What are your excuses for not placing the items, that have been lurking in the shadows, front and center – giving them your undivided attention.

Overtired from the holidays? I get that.

Need a break before jumping into the next big thing, I hear ya!

Brain needs a mini vacation before creating the next big thing – right there with ya!

BUT…the reality is those are excuses – valid excuses – but excuses nonetheless.

I say that because you now have an escape goat for WHY you haven’t jump started your 2020 like you said you would.

Now you have an excuse to keep pushing things off, justifying that it is what’s best for you and your business.

But is it?

I’m going to tell you a little secret – you don’t have to do everything!

They are calling this a “Gig Economy” for a reason.

There are literally MILLIONS out there to help with every aspect of you business.

More than one third (36 percent) of U.S. workers are in the gig economy, which works out to a very large number of approximately 57 million people.

So I hate to tell you this but your excuses are just excuses and the resolution is simple. HIRE HELP!

You don’t know who to hire… NOW we are getting to the reason I wrote this.

First, I am going to quickly address those who just said “I can’t afford to hire someone”.

Listen, as a VA – I can’t STAND the fact that they do it because some business owners expect that same thing from US-based VAs; BUT, the Philippines does have VAs that charge about $3 an hour so there is absolutely NO reason to say you can’t hire someone.

If you can buy Starbucks, you can hire a VA (if you tell anyone I suggested that – I will deny it…DENY DENY DENY!! Kidding…)

Help is on the way!

With the average small business, many of the same roles need to be filled, despite what the niche may be…

  • Accounting (Bookkeeper)
  • Projects (Project Manager)
  • Marketing (Digital Marketing Manager)
  • Writing (Copywriter)
  • Social Media Engagement (Social Media Manager)
  • Lead Generation (Growth Hacker)
  • Email Marketing Automations (Email Marketing Specialist)
  • Sales Funnel (Funnel Specialist)
  • Customer Service and Sales (Sales Associates and CSRs)
  • Branding and Graphics (Graphic Designer)
  • For those who have podcast – Show Notes and Show Distribution (Podcast Manager)
  • Video and Audio Edits (Video/Audio Editor)
  • Emails, Phones Calls, Traveling (Administrative Assistant)

Before you begin to hyperventilate from the above list of potential staffers, you wouldn’t need to hire all of these people at once (or some at all depending on your business needs) and you certainly wouldn’t need to manage them. This is where an Online Business Manager or a Virtual Assistant would step in.

OBM vs. VA

The point of an OBM or a VA is to be YOU so you can do what you love to do (or just rest and only step in when your clients have paid higher fees to connect with you personally).

What is the difference? Honestly, it depends on who you ask. If you ask most OBMs, they will state they are the managers while VAs are the work horses. If you ask a VA, they will tell you OBMs are unnecessary middle management and VAs are capable of doing both jobs.

I have a feeling there is no love lost between the two but together, they do complement each other when it comes to effectively running a person’s business.


OBMs are your strategists, planners, and help you create flows to implement the long term and short term goals of your business. They are your living SWOT analysis. They are your walking business plan. VAs are doers, executors, the ones that get their hands dirty and do everything you would do for your business.

An OBM keeps their client pool relatively small in order to focus exclusively on the management and growth of a business. They focus on the overall picture of the business, your business is their business.

They are your General Manager, Operations Manager, Project Manager – i.e. “eye in the sky” and your sounding board when it comes to what you want to do with your business. If you want to go left – they will ask why and make you justify your decision.

They are the remedy to “Shiny Object Syndrome” as they curb the impulsive nature of business owners and strategize each idea to ensure it is practical, capable, and what’s best for your business. They are the BRAIN and HEART of your business.


Virtual Assistants are the MUSCLE. They get the job done. If you have a random idea at 2am, they are the ones that complete it. They are the “military” of your business – executing orders as delivered by their commanding officers – no questions asked. They work alone, focusing only on the tasks provided, and live in a perpetual state of large client loads and last minute tasks.

By the way, the above is a definition of a VA through the eyes of an OBM – see, no love lost.

Is that what a VA really is?

Some but not all.

VAs vary because with a VA, just like an OBM – it is dependent on the person. I am a Virtual Assistant but if you look at what I do for my Retainer clients – I am more of an OBM and VA combo. As a VA, I help strategize, plan, and act as project liaison for other members of the team. I also complete tasks (some routine, some in the moment) and support all aspects of their business.

For my Pay As You Go and Ad-Hoc clients (PPNC), yes I am much more of the OBM’s definitely of a VA. I complete my task and move on. I don’t ask why they are doing it, I just get it done BUT if I am familiar with their business and have worked with them for some time, I will ask “why”.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide who will manage the people you need for your business. You, your VA, or your OBM.

Take the leap

So, whether you hire just a copywriter to help you move your marketing funnels ahead, a graphic designer to help with your branding/look/feel of your business, or a social media manager because you just don’t have time for the increasing engagement requirements of social media – you do need help if you are going to keep progressing in the New Year.

There are many places you can find the help you need. UpWork is what I normally recommend to most people – you can find EVERYONE you need for the budget (fixed or hourly) to want to pay.

Facebook groups are also a perfect resource for finding talent and getting recommendations.

2020 is supposed to be the year of decisiveness, mindset, hindsight – i.e. accomplishments. Start it off right by deciding that excuses are just that, excuses, and that there are plenty of resources out there for you to get what you want done…DONE.

You just have to take the first step and hiring some help.

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