As mentioned here, we offer online training for most SaaS applications used by small business owners.

In our 13 years of business, we have seen a lot but the one consistent thing is some business owners just prefer to do it all. We commend them for their commitment to keeping all aspects of their business in-house. With that being said, some systems used in business have a learning curve. This learning curve can create frustration with a system and setback with timelines.

Sure, YouTube has tutorials but either they are moving too fast, their screen is too small, or the version you are using is newer than what they are showing and the features are no longer the same.

With our one-on-one training, we walk through YOUR software by having you share your screen and we hold your hand while you learn how to navigate your CRM, EMS, or Website back-end. We remove the element of the unknown by putting you in the driver’s seats, creating a hands on experience and answering your questions as we move through your educational checklist.

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