Podcast Setup and Management Services

It’s official, podcasts are the present and future for organic growth and lead generation!

Sure, thinking about a podcast and creating topics may only take a few minutes.

I am sure you can list off your first 10 episodes right now.

BUT…you would be amazed how much time it takes to put one together!

It can take the average podcaster 2 to 5 hours from start to finish to create and post just ONE episode!


There is more to it than you think!

Even if you are not interviewing individuals, you still have to do everything from record your audio to pushing it out to your audience. This includes audio editing, copywriting, and working with different platforms/SaaS applications.

Add in the time it takes to sync everything to get your podcast on Google Podcast, iTunes, Amazon Podcast, and more, yikes!

We’re not saying this to make you panic! Consider this just a heads up as the solution is simple, let us do it for you!

Why Our Podcast Management Services ARE the Answer.

We’ve held the proud title of Podcast Producer for over 6 years. We were doing this before it became mainstream and we still love it just as much. We have seen the platforms changed, we know the options available, we enjoy helping entrepreneurs “get out there!”

We’re so confident in our skills that we created a free checklist for those who want to get organized and a guide for others who want to do it all themselves.

What we have found is that once someone reviews all the steps it takes to tackle the beginning and end of a podcast, they enlist us to help!

Podcast Management Services

So, what can we do for you?

Glad you asked!

  • Our one time service will set up your podcast and get your synced with other platforms. This also includes posting your trailer (or Episode 00) so you can begin to build hype around your podcast.

    We also have add-on services to help create your cover art, show notes copy, and/or edit your audio file!


  • Our Podcast Management Services can provide more on-going support.

Looking for a “done for you” combination?

Sign up for our Podcast Management Services, add-on the podcast setup option during checkout, and save 25%! This is perfect if you just want to record your first podcast or trailer, sit back, and let us handle the rest!

With this combo, we will build out your entire podcast platform, get your RSS feed setup, get you pushed out and authenticated, and transition into support you for subsequent episodes.

We couldn’t make this any easier if we tried!

From cover art design, to intro and outro music, to copywriters, to audio editors, we can make your podcast dream a reality. 

The only thing we don’t do is find podcast guest for you (but we can help you find someone to do that with our Freelancer Hiring or Virtual Assistant Matching Services. See…we’ve got you covered!)

Get Started Today!

Complete the form below and, depending on your selection, we will send you a brochure that covers that service. Have more questions? Please reach out to us here.

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash


Q: I produce multiple podcasts, can you help me with all of them?

Our services are based on the number of episodes per month, not the number of podcasts. You are welcome to mix and match as you see fit, as long as we are only producing four episodes per month. If you desire for us to handle multiple podcasts that would take the number of episode over four, we would schedule a meeting to determine the best plan for you.

Q: If I hand over my audio file at the last minute, would you be able to get it published right away?

Each plan has a minimum turn-around time for podcast production. As we mentioned, A LOT goes into producing podcasts so we have designated the amount of time we know we need to ensure everything is created and published correctly. Rushing creates the opportunity for mistakes and that is something we try our best to avoid.

Q: You offer a lot of services, how do you handle a ton of podcasts as well?

We limit the number of podcasts we produce to ensure we are not overwhelmed with the other services we provide. If we hit our quota, you will be added to a waitlist or we will refer you to other individuals who may be able to provide the same services but at a potentially higher price point.

Q: Why are your podcast management services so much cheaper than others?

For a few reasons but the most obvious is that we are a Virtual Tech Management company that offers podcast management services, not vice versa. For this reason, we take only a small number of clients who want us to produce their podcast. This means we don’t have an immense amount of overhead that would transition to higher costs for services.