Our mission statement: Ensure you avoid wasting time mastering tasks that can easily be completed by us!

It’s that simple. Let us be the one who builds your automations, registers your domain, migrates your website, sets up your podcast, performs monthly maintenance on your website, or assists with hiring new members of your staff!

Prices and Packages for Services

Listen, time is money and we don’t want you to waste either. We believe in full transparency so everything you need to know about us is on this website (I, the owner, am an open book – one of the many reasons why people love working with me and trust the contractors I hire). We have no desire to force you into a call in order to learn about our packages and prices.

If you need to connect with us, we want the engine already running, the car packed, and everything ready to go! Yes, you will have questions about the specifics (we will have our own list of questions as well); however, we don’t want to spend a lot of your valuable time with long sales pitches before scaring you off with high prices!

A few things to know before deciding to work with Kopf Consulting:

 1. We provide Maintenance Packages, Quick Gigs, Temporary Tech Support (on a case by case basis), and Hiring/Matching Services. In case you were referred to us by a current or former client, Kopf Consulting has discontinued its Virtual Assistant packages. Going forward, we are only providing specifically tech based management and integration services (think of a Tech VA minus the admin side). If you need help looking for freelancers or hiring a Virtual assistant, we invite you learn more about our Freelancer and Virtual Assistant Matching Services.

2. We apologize but we do not work evenings, weekends, or holidays.  We have a very heavy workload and believe in balancing work and play (balanced mind + balanced life = happiness).

3. We prefer to correspond via email as it allows us to keep an accurate record of all communications and task descriptions. If you prefer to have someone at your disposal all day via Skype, Slack, Voxer (or a similar communication option) for questions and/or feedback – we may not be the right match for you. We do invite our clients to schedule meetings if needed and provide a link to our calendar and our Zoom link.

4. Our prices and packages are non-negotiable. We understand every business is on a budget which is why we do provide a variety of options (including hiring services to help you find the right freelancer for your budget).

Types of Services

We offer four types of services: Monthly Maintenance, Quick Gigs, Temporary Tech, and Hiring/Matching Services

CRM, EMS, or CMS Monthly Maintenance
Starting as Low As
  • per month
  • *CRM, Email Marketing System, or WordPress Maintenance. Bundles Available.
Quick Gigs
Starting as Low As
  • per project
    *All tasks are pre-defined. Custom requests are not available.
Freelancer Hiring Services
Starting as Low as
  • per hire/person
  • * Freelancer Hiring are for any industry while VA Matching is for Virtual Assistants Only

Temporary Tech Management and
Integration Services


Finding that your tech needs are sporadic? So much so that bringing on someone full time (or even part time) to help would be too much of a budget crunch? Kopf Consulting provides temporary tech management and integration services. Similar to a role of Tech VA but all tech (no administrative tasks, social media management, customer service, project management, or graphic design). Each RFP (Request for Proposal) is reviewed on a case by case basis. Not all submitted are accepted and an introduction meeting is required before any relationships are established (to confirm we are a good match).

Need time to decide? Take us with you! Download our portfolio with task ideas, package information, testimonials, and examples of our work.  We will be right here when you are ready to get started! 
Prefer to discuss your options with us? Click here or below to book a consultation.


  1. So you don’t offer any Virtual Assistance?
    • No, Kopf Consulting has discontinued its Virtual Assistance. In its place we have introduced Temp Tech. Similar to Virtual Tech Assistance, Temp Tech focuses solely on providing support for digital marketing apps (such as CRMs, Email Marketing Systems, Landing Page Programs, WordPress, and more) and back-end processes. The biggest difference is that it does not include administrative, social media, customer service, project manager, or graphic design work. This program also takes the place of Flex Support by providing assistance as needed versus retainer contracts or long term agreements of service. You can learn more about the program here.

  2. You stated you prefer email. Does this mean I can never call you?
    • All clients are given a link to scheduled Zoom calls; however, email is preferred as it allows a quicker turn around for responses. We believe in full disclosure and we are normally working from the time we start the day until we finally call it quits so all calls are essentially forwarded to voicemail. We do not return calls. We will simply reply to your inquiry via email (so please leave an email address instead of a phone number if you are not a current client). We do not utilize any type of real time instant messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, or others that are not listed here.

  3. We would like to schedule regular meetings to discuss projects. How would that work?
    • Each program we offer comes with its own limited number of meetings (if any at all). No meetings take place with subcontractors. Any communications would go through the owner and be communicated to any secondary support. We attempt to keep expectations realistic – meaning there isn’t a reason we should meet three times when we are setting up a domain for you; BUT, we also don’t believe in only meeting once if we are providing Virtual Assistant Matching Services! If meetings are not included or the number of meetings provided are insufficient, you are always welcome to purchase additional consultations here.

  4. What if I am just not happy with the work or I don’t believe we are a good match?
    • You would be the first but stranger things have happened. If we are not able to provide the quality work you are expecting or you decide we are not a great match (or we decide we may not be the best company for you) – we will terminate your contract/agreement in compliance with our cancellation notice.  We do not have a money back guarantee as we have extremely short term contracts. As all work is digital in nature, we also do not offer refunds of any sort. If you are a Temp Tech client, you are welcome to cancel your UpWork contract at any time.

  5. On average, how long does it take to complete tasks?
    • Again, this depends on the service you are requesting. For current clients (Retainer, Pay as You Go, and Temp Tech) – tasks are completed within 48-72 hours. For secondary services, we give ourselves thirty days for Virtual Assistant Hiring Services, two weeks for freelancer hiring services, seven days for most Quick Gigs, and monthly maintenance is completed at the beginning of the month each month to keep all accounts in sync.

  6. Can I just buy a few hours from you for quick tech services?
    • Yes and no. Temporary Tech Services are available; however, each task is reviewed on a case by case basis. If it makes it through initial approval, a consultation is required before the work is taken on. Quick Gigs do not require approval but only the services listed are offered under this program. You can request a brochure of the available quick gigs here. If that doesn’t work for you, we are more than happy to help you find a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant that works best for your business.

  7. Can we hire you to do work for our clients?
    • Kopf Consulting does not subcontract to companies where we will execute on their behalf. In other words, if someone is paying you/your company to provide a service and we are fulfilling that service on your behalf – we would be servicing you as a contractor, not as a client. We would be more than happy to find referrals for you but do not offer subcontractor services.
  8. You have said “we” a lot. How many people do you employee?
    • While Kopf Consulting is a one-man show, there are times when projects may be subcontracted (at the authorization of the client). As I, the owner, do have a tendency to work with the same subcontractors over time, the “we” would include those potential hires – again depending on the task.

Did we miss answering one of your questions?  Please ask it here and we may even add it to our list so others can benefit from your question and our response.

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