Our goal is to ensure you regain time wasted on routine, mundane tasks such as email marketing campaigns, sales funnels, social media management, and website maintenance.

So why would we start this relationship by forcing you into a call in order to learn about our packages and prices?

When we connect with you, we want the engine already running, the car packed, and everything ready to go! Yes, you will have questions about what we can do for you and how we will do it (we will have our own list of questions as well); however, we don’t want to spend a lot of your valuable time with long sales pitches before scaring you off with high prices!

A few things to know before deciding to work with us:

  1. We only take on a small number of clients at a time.  If all spots have been filled, we will state this on our site.  If you choose to join our wait list, we will keep your information on file and may periodically check in to see if you are still interested in our services.  When a spot becomes available (either a contract has ended, the client needed to grow beyond the hours available, or all work was completed and services were no longer needed), we will contact the next prospective client on our wait list.

2. We apologize but we do not work evenings, weekends, or holidays.  We have a very heavy workload and believe in balancing work and play (balanced mind + balanced life = happiness).

3. We prefer to correspond via email as it allows us to keep an accurate record of all communications and task descriptions.  If you prefer to have someone at your disposal all day via Skype (or a similar communication option) for questions and/or feedback – we may not be the right company for you.  We do invite our clients to schedule meetings if needed and provide a link to our calendar and our Zoom link.

4. We make every attempt to be a one-stop shop. This means we know A LOT of people in complementary fields so if there is something we can not do (high-level coding, graphic design, copywriting, etc), more than likely we will have a few references of people who can and will subcontract the work to them, taking the role as a project liaison (with your permission of course!)

Types of Service

We offer three types of services: Flex Support, Pay As You Go, and Retainer

Flex Support
Starting as Low As
  • an hour
  • *Sold in Packages (Standard) or Hourly (Elite)
Pay As You Go
*Via UpWork
  • an hour
    Only pay for what you use!
    Ideal for 0-5 hours a week
Starting At
  • *Only available to Existing Pay As You Go Clients
    Upon Approval

Flex Support Plan – ALWAYS AVAILABLE – Learn more and review FAQ here

  • Two options available – Elite and Standard
  • All Flex Support Plans are managed via Zoho Desk
  • All hours are prepaid and expire after 90 days.
  • Available for clients wanting 0-20 hours, aren’t sure if the work will be consistent, and don’t need an immediate turn-around (standard) or may need an expedited turn-around (elite).
  • Offers MOST flexibility.
  • Click here for Rates and full description of the program.
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE (never worry about a waitlist for standard)


  • All pay as you go services are managed via UpWork
  • You only pay for time used. No prepayment or packages.
  • Available for clients wanting 0-5 hours a week but aren’t sure if the work will be consistent.
  • Offers more flexibility.
  • Screenshots are taken of work, Upwork automatically deducts payments on a weekly basis
  • $35 an hour


  • All prepaid packages are contractual.
  • Only Current Clients will be considered for Retainer packages.
  • Available in monthly prepaid packages of 15 to 25 hours a month. Two-week notice before next payment cycle is required to end subscription. Billed on 1st of the month)
    • All packages are at $30 an hour plus pp fees
    • 15 hours a month – $450 (saving $75 a month)
    • 20 hours a month – $600 (saving $100 a month)
    • 25 hours a month – $750 (saving $125 a month)

Important information concerning retainer packages:

  • Hours do not roll over so you would need to utilize those hours within that month.
  • All work is monitored via Toptal – clients receive a weekly report of my activity and snapshots are taken of my work to ensure hours are being used properly.
  • Additional hours (up to 5) may be purchased before the 20th of each month. An announcement is made if hours are no longer available for that particular month.

Need time to decide? Take us with you! Download our portfolio with task ideas, package information, testimonials, and examples of our work.  We will be right here when you are ready to get started!
Prefer to discuss your options with us? Click here or below to book a consultation.


  1. The Flex Support Plan may work for me. Can you tell me more about how that works?
    • You can learn everything about the Flex Support Plan on this page dedicated to the plan specifics, FAQ, and rates for services.  Once you decide this is the right plan for you, please feel free to complete the form at the bottom of that page. No preliminary interview is needed as all work and communication is through the support system and the entire plan is self-maintained.

  2. What is the difference between retainer hour clients and pay as you go clients?
    • The main difference between retainer hours and pay as you go clients (asides for the rate) is the turn-around time.  Retainer hour clients receive priority service (next business day return for most tasks or two day turn-around for more time-consuming projects) and pay as you go clients have a 48-72 hour turn-around time. We do request that all projects with due dates have a due date within 48 hours, this allows actionable time if multiple retainer clients assign tasks at once. We do not guarantee same day turn-around and request 24 hours to respond to emails. All time-frames quoted are during the business week (Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm EST). Anything after 2pm is considered next business day.

  3. Can anyone become a retainer client?
    • Unfortunately, no. As we have stated several times, we have a very intimate client list. Our retainer clients are our priority. For this reason, we are very critical of who we take on as retainer clients. To ensure we have a wonderful working relationship, we prefer to work with new businesses in a Pay As You Go capacity so that we can 1) learn how it is to work with each other and 2) ensure our business models and personalities mesh. We make every attempt to prevent a revolving door environment; therefore, only a select few are allotted the opportunity to become retainer clients. We can not describe our retainer clients without using the word “love”. We love each and every one of them and we always want it to be that way. We know them beyond their businesses and they know us. As many of them have been with us for several years, they have become a part of our family.

  4. You stated you prefer email. Does this mean I can never call you?
    • Of course you can call; however, we believe in full disclosure and we are normally working from the time we start our day until the time we end our day so all calls will be forwarded to voicemail and won’t be checked until the start of the next business day. We do not return calls. We will simply reply to your inquiry via email (so please leave an email address instead of a phone number if you are not a current client). This is why we strongly encourage our clients to email us if they have questions or concerns and to put (with discretion) “Urgent” in the email subject if something needs our attention right way. We do not utilize any type of real time instant messaging services such as Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, or others that are not listed here.

  5. We would like to schedule regular meetings to discuss projects. How would that work?
    • For retainer clients, this is not a problem as our goal is to be as intertwined with your business as possible. You will receive a special link exclusive to Retainer Clients in order to schedule your meetings.  For Pay As You Go, we strongly discourage regular/frequent meetings as retainer client work does take priority and these meetings may be cancelled or rescheduled depending on our workload.  You will receive a specific calendar link to schedule meetings but keep in mind, we have more Pay As You Go Clients than retainer so you are all competing for the same time. This means a meeting request may push out when a task is completed.  It is always best to send video or screenshots as meetings are normally not needed for majority of the tasks we perform and this allows requested items to be completed sooner. Meeting for Pay As You Go are also task creation and/or discussion meetings only, which means meetings are not scheduled in order to complete a task. Flex Support Elite is allotted one meeting a month. For the Flex Support Standard Plan, meetings are not included.

  6. What happens if I want to switch from being a pay as you go client to Retainer or vice versa?
    • If we have a spot available, we are more than happy to switch you over in accordance with your contractual obligations.  In other words, if you are pay-as-you-go and we have a Retainer spot available, we can switch you over ASAP (the new hours will be delegated once the contract is signed and the first invoice is paid).  If you are a Retainer client looking to switch to pay as you go, (if space is available) your switch will take place in accordance with our cancellation notice policy (two weeks before next billing cycle for monthly and two weeks from following Sunday for weekly).

  7. What if I am just not happy with the work or I don’t believe we are a good match?
    • You would be the first but stranger things have happened.  If we are not able to provide the quality work you are expecting or you decide we are not a great match (or we decide we may not be the best company for you) – we will terminate your contract in compliance with our cancellation notice.  We do not have a money back guarantee as we have extremely short term contracts.

  8. For certain projects, is it possible to block time with you to exclusively work with me?
    • To honor our commitment of full transparency – no, as that would not be fair to the other clients of Kopf Consulting.  We work on a very strict 48-72 hour turn-around time. For this reason, all days/times during business hours need to be available for meetings, tasks, urgent issues, and retainer client requests (which always take priority). By restricting hours/days to one client (even if it is a retainer client), we are taking them away from another that may have an extremely urgent issue that needs attention or routine tasks that need to be completed.

  9. Can I just buy 5 hours from you?
    • As a retainer client or pay as you go client – the short answer: No. Long answer: Kopf Consulting keeps a very intimate client list – meaning we only have so many spots available to accept new clients. When those spots are full, we activate our waitlist. We prefer to build long term relationships with our clients versus quick gains by selling hours (i.e. revolving door mentality). We have had clients that have been with us for years and that’s how we like it! Our clients have the option to either pay as they go or purchase prepaid retainers. Through trial and error, these two options have been the most effective/beneficial and are the only two options we desire to offer in the foreseeable future when it comes to working with us directly. We do offer a Flex Support option; however, it is completely self-maintained and does not provide the same one-on-one experience as a Pay As You Go or Retainer plan.  The Flex Support Plan acts more as a systematic support desk for execution purposes only.

  10. Can we hire you to do work for our clients?
    • Kopf Consulting does not subcontract to companies where we will execute on their behalf. In other words, if someone is paying you/your company to provide a service and we are fulfilling that service on your behalf – we would be servicing you as a contractor, not as a client. This service is no longer offered. We would be more than happy to find referrals for you but do not offer subcontractor services.

Did we miss answering one of your questions?  Please ask it here and we may even add it to our list so others can benefit from your question and our response.

Ready To Get Started?

If everything works for you and you are ready to go, let’s schedule a time to iron out the details.  It is extremely important that this is the best match for both of us. We screen all of our clients carefully to ensure we will have the best working relationship and we can honor all assigned tasks. 

Interested in Flex Support? Please review this page prior to scheduling a consultation appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to sign-up but you will be redirected to this required enrollment page to get started. Again, if you have a question, let us know!***


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