When is it a Good Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Good time to hire a virtual assistant

Have you considered hiring a Virtual Assistant? Wondered if now is the best time? While you may believe finding additional help at the moment is ideal, there are a few things to consider before onboarding a Virtual Assistant to your business.

Too Distracted to foc…Ooh, What’s That?

Too Distracted Shiny Object Syndrome | Kopf Consulting

Let's face it, distractions are an entrepreneur's Achille's Heel. No matter how committed we are to a project, dedicated to an idea, or focused on what is right in front of us - dangle a trend, holiday, or competitor's brain child in our face and everything comes crashing down.

ABC, 123 – Organization is the Key

ABC, 123 - Organization is the Key | Kopf Consulting

Entrepreneurs are determined to do it all, but that also means they have a to-do list that can rival the length of a highway. Getting organized is essential and the ABC 123 Method may be the ticket.

Know Their Worth – Fair Wages For Freelancers

Finding the right freelancer for your business while on a budget is a balancing act of your needs while respecting their talent. Don't worry, where there is a will - there is a way.

What is a Tech Manager?

What is a Tech Manager versus a Tech Virtual Assistant | Kopf Consulting

Curious of what a Tech Manager is and how they can help with your business (#5 will shock you!) Kidding - always wanted to say that but here is a quick run down of what a Tech Manager is and how they can help with your business.

The Importance of Auditing Your Workflow

Auditing Your Business Automations

Auditing your workflow/automations may seem like a daunting task but the most successful business stay proactive with their user experience (versus reactive due to lost leads and revenue)