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Welcome! If you are looking for short term technical support with your digital marketing apps, you have come to the right place! Our temp tech program is ideal for any entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business, or other who wants to save money by avoiding long terms contracts (and/or retainers) without sacrificing quality and experience. Enough said? Great! Click the button below to get complete our intake form.

How Temp Tech Services Works (i.e. Terms and Conditions and FAQ)

Temp Tech - How does it work | Kopf Consulting
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As Kopf Consulting is always growing and expanding, we have decided to introduce a new version of the Flex Support program. Now introducing: Temp Tech.

How does this work?

Temp Tech is exactly how it sounds, it is temporary tech support for businesses who just want to bring someone on for a specific project, task, or short term. Freelancers are looking for long term relationships and recurring income. Kopf Consulting has that with previously established programs. This allows us to still assist small businesses without drastically increasing our client load.

So how does it work? Temp Tech projects go through TWO steps. First step is submitting your RFP/RFS (request for proposal/services). Once received, your request will be reviewed to determine if it is a service we provide (so please be as detailed as possible). If so, initially approved projects are invited to the second step – scheduling a consultation to ensure we are a good fit (we are not right for everyone and everyone is not right for us). If we agree to move forward, depending on the type of project – you are invited to either sign up to work with us via UpWork (hourly) or are invoiced for a set number of estimated hours (all work outside of UpWork requires prepayment).

What’s the difference between going through UpWork and being invoiced (Prepayment)?

Disclaimer for both: If asked – we will provide a VERY loose estimate of hours. With over 15 years of experience, we have learned that two projects that are identical in description can be worlds apart in terms of execution. For this reason, we prefer not to provide an estimate unless it is prepaid work.

With UpWork, there is no interruption of work. Once the UpWork offer is sent and accepted, work begins and continues until the project is completed. You are also able to cap the hours yourself in the system.

For prepaid work: we will send an invoice based on HALF of that estimate of time (so if we estimate 4 hours, you are invoiced for two). Once we hit the prepaid time, all work stops and we will provide another estimate via the client portal created for you. At that time you can decide if you want to finish the project yourself or purchase additional time (with a better estimate as we will have already been working on the project) so that we can finish it.

Payment methods can not be changed during a project; however, once the tasked project is completed – you are welcome to change the payment method of any subsequent tasks (once approved).

Why did you create this program?

Honestly, we have hit a wall with our retainer clients and pay as you go and no longer want to expand in those two areas. This option allows us to continue to serve small business on a temporary basis so we are not overloaded or overwhelmed.

How does Temp Tech Work? | Kopf Consulting

What else should I know about this program?

There are several important items to acknowledge with this new plan. Don’t worry if it seems like a lot or overwhelming, this is why step two is a requirement (the initial consultation). This will allow time for clarification, answers to any additional questions, and more project specific details versus the general statements provided below.

If you would like some clarity before submitting your request, you are welcome to contact us here. You are also welcome to schedule a quick 15 minute consultation call here. Please note, we do reserve the right to keep our responses more universal/generic versus business/client specific. In depth conversations of that nature are reserved for those who are invited to step two (as mentioned above).

  1. The turn around time for projects is dependent on the project. Estimated completion dates are given once the project is discussed. Something small may take 48-72 hours while something larger may take a week or more (again this would be discussed in our meeting).

  2. All communication will take place via a support app instead of email. Any communications sent via email will copied and pasted into the support ticket before being answered; however, it will not be inputted until it is seen so it may create a delay. It is highly recommend to use the support system provided for all communications. Hours are tracked and available within your assigned client portal. You will receive this information during onboarding.

  3. This plan is self-maintained. If you pre-purchase your hours, again you will have a client portal in order to determine how many hours have been used and how many hours are remaining. If you decide to use UpWork, the system has a Work Diary to see how much work has been completed and how many hours have been used.

So why should I do this?

Kopf Consulting has been around for over 15 years. During this time, we have had many clients come and go for several reasons: 1) business wasn’t doing as well as they hoped and they needed to cut overhead, 2) there just wasn’t enough work to meet the activity requirement, or 3) their business has up/down, busy/quiet seasons (a norm for our health coach clients and fitness clients), and it would be months before they needed us again. This resolution allows small business to work with the Kopf Consulting without having to worry about long term budgeting, finding the work, or looking for help when you finally need it!


Temp Tech Frequently Asked Questions | Temp Tech
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What is the rate?

The hourly rate for service is $75 (this does not include any fees UpWork directly charges for payment processing. At the time of this posting, a client shared that they were charged an additional 5%). UpWork also charges in 10 minutes increments. Pre-paid invoices are given an estimate one time and charged 1/2 of that estimate in whole hours (with one hour being the minimum). Pre-paid invoices are subject to processing fees of 4%.

I have several launches throughout the year where I may need your help but it could be last minute, how would that work?

All tasks, projects, or assignments would need to be planned accordingly. This plan is temporary support but it is not on call/on demand support – we still have a full time client load. If you know you have a launch coming up, allow at least 2 or more weeks for work to be completed once assigned, this way you can ensure everything is received in a timely manner and updates/troubleshooting/corrections can be made before things go live.

What type of tasks can I send you?

As Kopf Consulting as moved away from Virtual Assistance, any tasks sent should deal directly with the technical aspect of a digital marketing app or the integration of apps (automations, funnels, email marketing systems, CRMs, Zapier, etc). This excludes administrative tasks, research, social media management, graphic design, copywriting, or a few others. Again, be as detailed as you can be in your request and we will respond to what we can and cannot do.

If you are interested in participating, please complete this form or click the button below.

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