LaKenya, Thank you. You’re amazing. The test were successfully beyond expectation.  The problem is solved on all platforms and the redirect is fast as lightning! Instantaneous on the second.  Outstanding!  Thank you!

Jonathan F.

LaKenya is impeccable with her work. She does what she says she will do and her rate is very fair. It was wonderful to have her as part of my tech team. She explained in detail everything she was doing and always understood what I was paying for and could rely on the high quality of her work. She is like a diamond in the rough:)


Thanks Kopf Consulting! As a brand new business, you have taught us so much about how to reach our audience, build our funnels, and maximize our programs!

Kelly F.

LaKenya has truly been a blessing. I haven’t sent her anything she couldn’t do or couldn’t find someone to do (resourceful little thing!) She gets excited about my business which shows she truly cares.

Deidra L.

LaKenya is top notch!

Cynthia S.

LaKenya has been a life-saver! My VA at the time completely disappeared and I was in the middle of a launch! She took over and we didn’t skip a beat. Thank you!!

Jennie C.

I truly enjoyed working with LaKenya and will be back and work with her again.

Sue R.