Trouble finding the right virtual assistant for you? Let us help!

Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of Virtual Assistants and new ones starting every single day?

Did you also know that Virtual Assistant (VA) is a universal term which means no two are identical. You can have a VA that specializes in data entry, another that only focuses on real estate tasks, and one that is primarily administrative tasks solely for medical offices.

VA Matching Services with Kopf Consulting

In short, finding the perfect VA can be a bigger headache that you imagined.

We’ve seen it in Facebook Groups. An entrepreneur posts that they are looking for a Virtual Assistant. BAM! They are suddenly inundated with 200+ responses and more Direct Messages than the system should allow. Sure – you say “don’t DM me” but that’s like putting a person in a room with a big red button and saying “Don’t touch the big red button!”

Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Indeed, Wizehire – same thing. Countless resumes to be reviewed, people who meet 2 out of the 5 basic requirements, “optional” monetary investments to get the “better candidates” or more exposure for your job posting.

Save yourself the time and definitely save yourself the money!! Don’t put yourself through the tireless circus only to find yourself frustrated, disappointed, and behind on the to do list you desperately need to delegate so you can focus on what you love to do (versus the tech and admin side that can easily be handled by someone else).

That’s where our Virtual Assistant Matching Services come in.

In 14 years, we have seen what’s out there and know what to avoid. We have worked as recruiters and learned how to filter through the “fluff” to find the right person for your business.

So why take on the massive headache of inflated resumes and false promises? Why torture yourself with endless interviews, in an attempt to find that diamond in the rough?

Let us do it!

Tech Manager Matching Services by Kopf Consulting

For $199 we will:

  • Promote/Advertise your position
  • Collect Resumes/Applications
  • Review portfolio or submissions
  • Get it down to 10 for you to review and select five to proceed to interviews
  • Interview those 5 candidates and provide our nomination for your position
  • And all within 30 days or less (strongly dependent on the criteria and turn-around from you).

So what are you waiting for? We know the questions to ask, we know the red flags, and most of all, we know the frustration of hiring the wrong VA and having to start over again (how do you think we “got” all of our clients!)

Don’t waste the time, hire us today.

Still Not Sure?

Leave the recruiting to us! We provided Virtual Assistance for over a decade so we know what questions to ask and how to filter out the best from the rest. Book a free consultation and learn how we can help you!


Q: What happens when I am ready to get started?

A: We will have three meetings total once the contract is signed and payment is received.

  • Meeting #1 – Onboarding – Review job criteria, preferences, and wants/needs for you and your business. For examples, the position may be for an experienced administrative virtual assistant in real estate but you WANT to work with someone that is within 50 miles of you and NEED them to be available at least 3 hours a day. This narrows down the applicant pool significantly.
  • Meeting #2 – We review your five candidate picks and go over and questions/concerns you may have that need to be addressed in the interview.
  • Meeting #3 – Offboarding – We review our nomination (and backup) for your hire and close out the project.

Have any other questions? Book a 15 minute consultation and we are more than happy to provide general information about the process and answer any questions (without going into specifics that would only privilege to paid clients) you may have.

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