As entrepreneurs, we have the tendency to build and move on. We forget to go back every once in awhile and check our workflows; not only to see if they are working, but if they are optimized for the user experience.

  • Are there too many steps? With new software coming out every day, is what you are currently using providing the best results?
  • Are you making the best use of your time with the number of manual steps involved?
  • Are there any breaks in the flow due to domain changes, CRM/EMS changes, or rebranding?
  • Would user’s find the process overly complicated and simply quit?

These are questions we would love to help you answer with our Workflow Audit services.

With our $99 Workflow Audits:

  • We will audit one of your workflows from beginning to end to determine if all links are working.
  • Review all material received is correct and error free.
  • Analyze if there is any way to consolidate the entire process.
  • We will then provide a record video walking through the workflow, explaining our discover, and provide a report of suggestions (if any) for updates to your workflow.

Optimizing your workflow is essential to reduce potential sign-up losses due to frustration, confusion, and/or delays.

By reviewing your workflow from beginning to end, we are able to find glitches in the workflow, areas where consolidation can happen, potential software substitutions for better automation, unnecessary steps, or steps that need to be included to minimize difficulty. 

Don’t find out days, weeks, months down the line that potential leads were never receiving a file, that the reason qualified leads weren’t converting was because the process was too confusing, or worse.

Still Not Sure?

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