As entrepreneurs, we have the tendency to build and move on. We forget to go back every once in awhile and check our workflows; not only to see if they are working, but if they are optimized for the user experience.

  • Are there too many steps? With new software coming out every day, is what you are currently using providing the best results?
  • Are you making the best use of your time with the number of manual steps involved?
  • Are there any breaks in the flow due to domain changes, CRM/EMS changes, or rebranding?
  • Would users find the process overly complicated and simply quit?

These are questions we would love to help you answer with our Workflow Audit services.

Workflow Audit | Kopf Consulting

What is a Workflow?

So glad you asked!

If you are here, you either know what a Workflow is or you were curious about what this particular service offered.

The latter? Well we are happy to explain (if you know what a Workflow is – feel free to skip down to what our Workflow Audit can do for you!)

A workflow is a sequence of tasks or steps that execute a process.

It can be:

  • An onboarding workflow that starts with a person clicking CTA (call to action) on your page and it goes all the way to their welcome email (for example – signing up for a membership, webinar sign-up, ordering an ebook, etc).
  • Opting in to a freebie, receiving the deliverable, and then receiving the follow-up upsell emails in the flow that either split to the goal/product delivery automation when the sell is made or drops down to a nurturing automation if no subsequent actions are taken.
  • Post purchase automation for high end services (i.e. coaching) that provides onboarding emails, contracts, scheduling options, or the next step the person needs to make in order to get started working with you.

There are a number of workflows available and with the right tools (and know-how), an entrepreneur can automate the vast majority of their business (software such as Dubsado and Honeybook exist to complete automation – beginning to end – reality).

Reasons for a workflow audit

And that is why we are here. Even if you weren’t sure of the official “term”, you more than likely have at least one workflow setup – even if it is minuscule. Have an option to schedule on your website and once they click the button, they choose a time and receive a confirmation email – congrats – that is workflow! That is also a workflow that needs to be audited.


When was the last time you checked the link on your site? Have there been any updates to the program that may have changed a feature? Is it properly synced to your Zoom, Microsoft Team, or Google Hangouts account so that the person meeting with you knows where to go? Is it sending reminder emails? Is it attached to an email marketing system so you are able to add people to your mailing list?

Didn’t know to ask these question or even consider these things? That is why we are proud to provide workflow audits.

What is a workflow audit (also know as an automation audit plan):

Just like getting a multi-point inspection at your mechanic, your automation has different aspects that need to be checked for optimal functionality. An automation audit plan allows us to break apart your flow to ensure there aren’t any parts misbehaving.

With our $99 Workflow Audit:

  • We will audit one of your workflows from beginning to end to determine if all links are working.
  • Review all material received is correct and error free.
  • Analyze if there is any way to consolidate the entire process.
  • We will then provide a recorded video walking through the workflow, explaining our discover, and provide a report of suggestions (if any) for updates to your workflow.

Optimizing your workflow is essential to reduce potential sign-up losses due to frustration, confusion, and/or delays.

By reviewing your workflow from beginning to end, we are able to find glitches in the workflow, areas where consolidation can happen, potential software substitutions for better automation, unnecessary steps, or steps that need to be included to minimize difficulty. 

Don’t find out days, weeks, months down the line that potential leads were never receiving a file, that the reason qualified leads weren’t converting was because the process was too confusing, or worse.

Commonly Asked Questions

We love questions! Here are some of the common asked questions we have received so far about our Workflow Audit.

Q: Do you build out the workflows yourself?

A: No, the workflows should already exist. This is why it is an auditing service, we analyze what you have already done and provide professional insight into how you can optimize your automation to improve your customer journey and prospect experience. We DO offer Temp Tech services and depending on what is recommended, we may be able to implement those suggestions. You can learn more about those services here.  

Q: Do you go over the entire audit with me?

A: We provide a recording of the entire audit. The recording contains details of our findings, suggestions for improvement, as well as recommendations for next step. If you would like to do a one-on-one with us about your audit results, we are happy to set up a consultation or even a training to implement our suggestions. As mentioned above, we also offer Temp Tech Services if the recommended changes are within our wheelhouse.

Still Not Sure?

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