We applaud entrepreneurs who want to do it all; BUT, what if we could give you a helping hand to get started? Kopf Consulting now offers preset services or “Quick Gigs” to help you get your book published, podcast started, domain set up, CMS installed, website migrated, and more. Take a look and see what solutions we can provide.

Whether you are ready to dive in or just want more information, simply click the button below or scroll down to complete our inquiry form and receive everything you need to get started.

IMPORTANT: These are not customizable or delegated tasks. We only offer the tasks listed on our brochure. If you are looking for assistance with one time tasks (custom requests), please check out our Temp Tech Services, Freelancer Hiring Services or VA Matching Services.

Podcast Setup Services | Quick Gigs

Podcast Setup

Are you joining the podcast circuit but didn’t realize everything that went into a podcast (rss feed submission, audio edits, show notes, cover art, etc) – let us help you get off to a great start!

Host and Domain Setup | Quick Gigs

Host and Domain Setup

Decided to create a website? Let us set up a fresh CMS for you. We will install a fresh copy of WordPress and install your purchase theme (and input demo features, if available).

WordPress Website Migration | Quick Gigs

WordPress Website Migration

Looking to change host providers? We will migrate your WordPress site and database from your old host provider to your new one and have you set up and ready to go.

Google Workspace Setup Services | Quick Gigs

Google Workspace (Gmail) Setup

Getting started with GSuite (i.e. Gmail for Business) and need help getting it setup? We will help assist with the email setups and DNS validations

Wix/Weebly to WordPress Transition

Wix/Weebly to WordPress Transition

Love your Wix or Weebly site but looking to get started on WordPress? We can rebuild your design for you in WordPress.

Scheduler Setup | Quick Gigs

Scheduler Setup

Looking for help setting up ScheduleOnce, Calendly, Acuity, or a variety of other calendar programs. We can help set you up and connect your calendar so you can start booking right away.

Zapier Setup | Quick Gigs

Zapier Setup

Looking to make a variety of programs work together that do not directly integrate? Let us connect your apps and test your Zapier workflows!

CRM Setup | Quick Gigs

CRM Setup

Getting started with a new client relationship management system and need help getting it setup? We will help assist with the initial setup, walk-through, and basic export/import to get started.

Book Publishing Services | Quick Gigs

Book Publishing Services

Ready to self publish? Let us assist you with getting your book on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or Ingram Publishing Services.

Domain Transfer Services | Quick Gigs

Domain Transfer Service

Decided to switch your domains from one registrar to another but don’t feel like dealing with updating nameservers or DNS Records? We’re ready to step in!

ClickFunnel Setup | Quick Gigs

ClickFunnels Setup

Getting started with ClickFunnels and need help getting it setup? We will help assist with the initial setup and walkthrough of ClickFunnels Startup (not Platinum).

Don’t see the exact service you need? Contact Us and we can determine if it can be a Quick Gig or better suited for our Temp Tech Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Quick Gig?

Quick gigs are for budget conscious entrepreneurs who just need a “straight out of the box” task done. These are tasks that are not industry or business specific, just general to-dos that require an individual with expertise and knowledge to complete them, alleviating the business owner of potential hassle and frustration.

Can you give an example?

Take setting up Google Workspace. An individual may think they need to purchase a separate email account for every inbox they want. Working with an experienced Tech, they are informed of aliases, group inboxes, and ensuring their DKIM and SPF are setup properly for email authentication. Again, information that is not specific to their business but the software that is being implemented.

What if I needed help that was more specific to my business?

That is where Temp Tech comes in. Temp Tech was created to provide 1-on-1 support for your business. Those tasks are exclusive to you, your tech, and your needs. Instead of out of the box services, you provide a to-do list of tasks that you need completed for your business.