Manage Your Podcast Checklist

This quick guide offers an assortment of references on how to get started and a checklist for setting up your workflow to schedule, edit, produce, and promote your show.

Keap Consultation

Thinking about adding Keap Lite, Keap Pro, Keap Max, or Keap Max Classic to your arsenal of Digital Marketing Apps? Not sure if it is right for you? We can walk you through a demo of any of these products, answer your questions, and even get you set up during our call (if you are ready to move forward). Please note – as a Keap Certified Partner, I can provide special discounts and bundles with any new services! This consultation is only for those considering Keap. If you are a current user needing help, check out our training services.


VA Jump Starter Kit

This kit includes: A checklist of suggested tasks to provide to your new VA, how to get started with a Virtual Assistant, how to create your to-do lists, and a step by step guide in making the most of your new hire. Over 25 pages of tips, tricks, and tools to set up your Virtual Assistant so you can finally focus on what you love to do most.

The Podcast Producer’s Guide to Managing Your Podcast

Let us take the guesswork out of streamlining your podcast. Avoid the gaps in episodes, the lack of commitment, or just the overall frustration! The Podcast Producer’s Guide to Managing Your Podcast is 20+ pages full of processes, email templates, recommendations, tools, and tips you need to get your podcast off the ground and on the charts.


Workflow Audit

With our Workflow Auditing service, we will audit one of your workflows from beginning to end to determine if all links are working, if all material received is correct and error free, and if there is any way to consolidate the entire process. We will then provide a recorded video walking through the workflow, explaining our discover, and provide a report of suggestions (if any) for updates to your workflow.

Freelancer Hiring Services

Freelancer Hiring Services

Being a business owner is great but wearing every hat in your business can be tedious and insanely overwhelming. It seems fun at first but as your business grows, you run out of time to design your graphics, schedule your social media, write your copy, return client calls, design your landing pages, create new freebies, and so much more. So why not outsource? We can help you find the right freelancer specialist to get the job done.

Training Services

Signed up for an email marketing service and have no idea where to start? Do the terms SPF and DKIM seem like a foreign language? Can’t make heads or tails of what to do with your CRM or new WordPress site? Let us spend one hour answering your questions and walking you through your new system (yes – step by step). Save yourself from spending hours on hold with customer service or falling deeper down the rabbit hole of outdated tutorials on YouTube.

Maintenance Packages

For WordPress: A missed update or a skipped patch can leave your site vulnerable to unauthorized access, hacks, brute force attacks, and more. With CRMs and Email Marketing Systems, an outdated/aged list can be a slow death to your open rates, email deliverability, and budget (especially if you are paying for unengaged contacts). Avoid the stress of having to clean up the mess and implement preventative measures today.

Quick Gigs

We provide an assortment of services to help your business grow and thrive. Looking to register a domain, set up a host provider, migrate a site – we can help. Looking for something to expand your audience – we can help you set up a podcast, publish a book, or set up a scheduler. Just trying to make it all work together – we can help you with our Zapier or Integrately Setup services. All this and more is waiting to help you elevate your business. ***Please Note – These are pre-determined (not customizable).

Temp Tech

Finding that your tech needs are sporadic? So much so that bringing on someone full time (or even part time) to help would be too much of a budget crunch? Kopf Consulting provides temporary tech management and integration services. Similar to a role of Tech VA but all tech (no administrative tasks, social media management, customer service, project management, or graphic design). Each RFP (Request for Proposal) is reviewed on a case by case basis. Not all submitted are accepted and an introduction meeting is required before any relationships are established (to confirm we are a good match).