Digital Marketing Apps Your Small Business

We have used/tested the vast majority of these resources. If you have any questions on a particular item, you are welcome to set up a consultation call here and we will be happy to review it with you

If you are a company who is looking to be added to this list (as we are receiving a lot of those emails as well), please be aware that we do not recommend digital marketing apps we have not personally tested and/or extensively researched.

* Please note – we do not endorse any of these resources and some may contain affiliate links. If an affiliate link is used when making a purchase or signing up, Kopf Consulting may receive compensation in return. A portion of the passive income generated is donated to charities of our choosing. You can see a list of our charitable contributions here.


Affiliate Programs

Business Email (

Business Essentials

Client/Project Billing and Management System

Content Creation (Graphic Design)

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)

Customer Support/Help Desk Management System

Domain Registries (Buy a Domain Name)

Ecommerce/Shopping Cart

Email List Cleaner

Email Marketing Service (EMS)

Form Builders

Fully-Hosted Membership and/or Course Platforms

Fully-Hosted Content Management Systems (Websites)

Heat Maps and Behavior Tracking/Analysis

Host Services (For Self-Hosted Sites)

Invoice Generator

Landing Pages/Conversion Marketing

Quiz Builder/Maker

Passive Income (via Affiliate Marketing or Influencer Marketing)

Payment Processing

PDF Editor

Podcast Platforms

Pop-Up Creation

Professional Development

Royalty-Free Images and Stock Video (Free)

Royalty-Free Images and Stock Video (Paid)

Secure Password Sharing

Self-Hosted (WordPress Friendly) Membership/Course Platforms

Self-Hosted Content Management Systems (Websites)

SEO/SEM Optimization


Social Media Scheduling and Management

Screen Recorder

Task Management Systems

Time Tracking

Transcripts, Captions, or Subtitle Generation

Video Creation

Virtual Meeting Platforms

Webinar Hosting

Writing Assistant/Content Generator

Workflow and Process Mapping

If there are additional recommendations you would like to see posted, please let us know.

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