In an average month, we come across a plethora of software that we find helpful. This page will provide links and recommendations of affordable alternatives (or superior apps) that we believe may be beneficial for your business. To keep it from being overwhelming, we will limit each category to a MAX of seven recommendations.

We have used/tested the vast majority of these recommendations. If you have any questions on a particular item, send your question here.

* Please note – we do not endorse any of these products and some may contain affiliate links.


Business Email (

Content Creation (Graphic Design)

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs)

Domain Registries (Buy a Domain Name)

Email Marketing Service (EMS)

Fully-Hosted Membership and/or Course Platforms

Fully-Hosted Content Management Systems (Websites)

Host Services (For Self-Hosted Sites)

Invoice Generator

Landing Pages

Payment Processing

PDF Editor

Podcast Platforms

Pop-Up Creation

Royalty-Free Images (Free)

Royalty-Free Images (Paid)

Self-Hosted (WordPress Friendly) Membership/Course Platforms

Self-Hosted Content Management Systems (Websites)

SEO/SEM Optimization


Social Media Management

Screen Recorder

Task Management Systems

Time Tracking

Webinar Hosting

If there are additional recommendations you would like to see posted, please let us know.

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