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I have been staring at the ceiling trying to decide what to write.


I am making more of an effort to engage with my audience and grow my organic website traffic with compelling content.

Problem is, have we met? Writing is not my thing!

I constantly make the joke that I am so left-brained I could fall over!

I observe, analyze, and process – I do not create (my clients would beg to differ).

I have tried combining the two and the moments I realized I was analyzing a situation, I put it into writing.

The issue is I have to be in the right place at the right time and quite often two don’t match up.

I am sure the question going through your mind (asides for why are you still reading this) is why keep writing if it is such a burden?

The rule of thumb in business (well my rule of thumb) is that you don’t work from where you are right now, you work towards where you want to be.

Right now, I have a waitlist, business is fantastic, my products are selling, and training calls are being booked BUT what happens when that stops?

We have all had a downturn in business and rushed to find new leads, clients, opportunities to keep from losing revenue.

By keeping my audience engaged and adding value, I am able to keep a warm lead base for when I do decide to bring on more clients.

See, my rationale and logic is sane!

So why am I writing this blog post?

So those who are going through the same thing don’t feel alone.

Some of us are gifted writers and can create stories with a flow only seen by a conductor in an orchestra.

Others, the ability is there but it is more like trying to parallel park on a busy street

Parallel Parking | Kopf Consulting
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So for my fellow creatively challenged writers out there who struggle to produce content, here is what I do:

  • Create a content calendar – The year itself will provide insight on what people are needing from you (depending on your niche). Whether you focus on seasons, causes, weather, or trends – use the uniqueness of each month to stir your creativity.
  • Brainstorm topics – Take a piece of paper and just go to town! Write down every topic that comes to mind. Some may produce a blog post, others may be produce sub-headers within the blog post. One may even launch the idea for a product (or in my case – products)!
  • Give yourself a break. It has been two months since I wrote a blog post (I know – shame on me). I wouldn’t give yourself THAT much of a break but I would allow yourself breathing room if you are finding it overwhelming. No one benefits from content that is forced – always provide value.
  • Going with the statement above – do what you can! You don’t have to blog weekly! In fact, I am allowing myself to blog every two weeks or once a month starting in the new year. If I feel the urge to write, I will blog more often but once a month is doable and every two weeks in acceptable, if my workload allows it.

Wow! So this did turn into something. See – you never know what will inspire you.

Good luck on your writing. Would love to hear what works for you in the comments!

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