One of the most effective tactics for business growth is interacting in Facebook groups.

Most people do not like to be sold to, they liked to be informed and educated (i.e. the Awareness part of the buyer’s journey).

Once they obtain that information, they begin to rely on you as a resource.

When I participate in Facebook groups and answer questions (and I mean genuinely answer with no strings attached or product mentions), I inadvertently begin building a relationship with a potential client while demonstrating my knowledge in my niche.

Not only does the potential client see my response, so do other perspective leads who may have questions of their own. This normally leads to website visits, consultation sessions, overall growth, and eventually new clients.

Here are a few Facebook Groups to help you get started:

Business Tidbits are normally quick answers to either Facebook group responses, HARO inquiries, LinkedIn conversations, or advise providing in a networking event. If this quick tidbit provided any insight for you at all, please leave a comment.

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay 

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