The VA/VTA field is insanely over saturated.

Providing outstanding client service is essential for not only keeping your clients, but expanding based on referrals.

For myself, I ensure I provide quick turnaround times (normally 48 hours), weekly hour reports for retainer clients, training videos when they introduce new systems, personalized calendars for scheduling meetings, and I consistently complete new trainings and certifications to ensure I am up to date on industry standards.

My recommendation for others is to do the same as well as master new systems off the clock as I believe it is more beneficial to learn any new systems introduced to their full extent then to make money and feel rushed by charging the client while learning.

I also recommend anticipating your clients needs, provide suggestions when you see they can be beneficial, and maintain complete confidentiality to ensure trust is always present.

Business Tidbits are normally quick answers to either Facebook group responses, HARO inquiries, LinkedIn conversations, or advise providing in a networking event. If this quick tidbit provided any insight for you at all, please leave a comment.

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