Those who help us need help too!

Mental Health Professionals (or therapists to most of us) are the backbone of our well-being.

From stress, to anxiety, to grief, to depression – mental health professionals fill their schedules with time dedicated to our hopes, dreams, problems, and concerns.

But…who helps the helpers?

At Kopf Consulting, we LOVE our mental health clients!

We enjoy supporting your efforts to grow by integrating your calendar with your preferred scheduling system.

Need help building funnels for your freebie or new service? Want to start a podcast? Looking to add a blog to your site, we can help with that as well!

Therapy is no longer about one-on-one meetings inside an office, behind close doors, and waiting for the next patient to arrive.

Society has entered a new day where they look to social media for encouragement, landing pages for incentives, podcasts for assistance, and blogs for guidance (quick solutions first, hand holding second).

Let us help you match your business with modern day needs!

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

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